The traditional Main Contractor approach places the Client and Main Contractor in opposing positions in the arrangement. The Client is looking to minimise costs whilst the Main Contractor is looking to maximise profits.

Construction Management is based on a totally transparent cost approach. DSP Construction Management (Midlands) Ltd and the Client have the same financial objectives so can focus on achieving the best design, programme and implementation solution.


At DSP Construction Management (Midlands) Ltd our approach to projects through construction management ensures that our Client benefits from greater project control than traditional methods including: fully co-ordinated project delivery, design flexibility, project planning flexibility including, early project starts, risk management and significant commercial benefits.


DSP Construction Management (Midlands) Ltd can provide valuable input during the pre-construction design phase, adding our wealth of construction experience to the design team, drafting the design programme and establishing the cost plan.

During this early phase, DSP Construction Management (Midlands) Ltd can work with designers and specialist consultants to contribute design improvements, cost savings and programme improvements to the process.


Early involvement in the project enables DSP Construction Management (Midlands) Ltd to identify any potential risks and ensure they are mitigated through the design, planning and construction phases.

Clarity on risk ownership, establishing timescales and a mitigation plan is key to successful risk management.


Our construction management approach provides the client with confident initial budgeting and regular cost reporting ensuring that final out-turn costs are visible throughout.

Provides to the client the benefit of retaining full control over project budgets, including greater flexibility for changes in both design and programme.

Eliminates on-cost of Main Contractor overhead and profit and removes the risk of Main Contractors claims resulting in lower out-turn costs.

And also can provide real savings identified through design improvements which the client receives the full cost benefit of.